Chapel Petrassi is a product lines and lifestyle company based on expanding design approach. Based in Paris and Milan, the brand was founded in 2015 by artistic directors and designers Diego Petroso and Marie-Charlotte Bassi. Their holistic universe embraces various design disciplines from furniture to eyewear with a sci-fi language and a futuristic vision. This mix of visual codes transforms into a representation of new-age era. Chapel is recognized trought its innovative designs and unique concepts; the emerging brand was established as a leading talent in the design industry.

We develop products that are intended to be durable to respect and reduce our impact on the environment. Our purpose is to create locally, from prototype to realization, that's why our pieces are masterfully handcrafted in South Italy, in a short perimeter. Chapel Petrassi creates crafted pieces with a high consideration to responsible production.

The whole collection is 100% sustainable from the choice of innovation materials to their recycling potential.

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